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As one of leading manufacturers in "Town of Mould" in China, we warmly welcome companies and individuals worldwide to act as our distribution agents for our entire product line.

Based on advantages in product quality, cost, and brand management, we would like to establish long-term cooperative relationships with any potential partners to develop overseas markets.

If you are interested in our products and have a powerful sales network throughout your regional or local areas, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Introduction: We mainly supply plastic molds, including injection moulds and various blow molding moulds; covering auto lamp moulds, bumper moulds, TV set moulds, washing machine moulds and commodities moulds.

Agent Requirements:We require that perspective agents can perform long term cooperation, with wide customer networks and have shown some influence at the regions.

Our company will provide feedback and urgent business information. We'd be glad to share mutual benefits with you to enjoy the nice future.

Agents Required for the Following Countries: Worldwide